Solstice Meditation

December 20, 2020 ,  6 pm EST

Renewal, Regeneration and Self Reflection

As the shortest day and longest night of the year, the Solstice  signals a powerful transition point between the seasons. We can take time to experience personal awakening and make the necessary changes to experience powerful shifts in our lives.

Allow our moderators to take you on a transformative inner journey.

Radhika Ji

Guided Meditation - Grounding Yoga Sequence-  Self Inquiry

Group Share    -     Emotional Release Exercises 

During the Solstice Meditation Session you will:

  • Utilize brain entrainment tools to develop greater peace of mind and shift your internal dialogue

  • Set and affirm your intentions

  • Identify your blocks or limiting beliefs and integrate new habits for letting go ( shifting and releasing)

  • Engage in a Yin and Yang balancing sequence that cultivates greater flow, confidence and momentum

  • Experience collaboration and connection with fellow participants via breakout rooms

Save your spot now when you order  the meditation audio by December 5th, 2020.

******There is limited availability. Be sure to order now.

(Listening to the entrainment audio leading up to the session will assist you in experiencing a deeper catharsis during the Solstice Meditation session. The tools you will learn in the session will augment the  clarity and release  you experience when listening to the entrainment audio. )

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