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The Mental Matrix is a POWERFUL mp3 audio session,  designed to bring about your intended state of mind. Our audio uses specialized sound patterns to positively Shift your Energy and State of mind.


In JUST 30 MINUTES, it can ignite the necessary changes in your energy field and brainwave patterns to get to your desired state of mind.


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Want to know more?

Studies have shown that sound vibrations and listening to certain frequencies can synchronize and change one's brainwaves.  

Brainwaves, which are electrical impulses in the brain, form special patterns based on each state of mind. 

Depending on the frequency of the sounds listened to, the brain synchronizes its brainwaves to that frequency- this can result in shifts in mood and meditative trance like states of relaxation associated with different brainwaves such as beta, theta or alpha waves. 

Essentially these frequencies lower heart-rate, relax brain-wave patterns and reduce respiratory rates thereby producing a deep sense of calm and well-being.

In sound therapy hypothesize vibrations can be used to increase the amount of energy in parts of the body and help to heal and energize the subtle body meanwhile balancing the nervous system and increasing physical energy.

The audio session inside The Mental Matrix combine special sound frequencies to affect your brainwaves and induce certain states of mind.

Besides affecting your brainwaves,  the sounds and vibrational pulses in the audio, help to clear any dissonance in your biofield. These sounds help to release any resistance, trauma or fragmentation in your energy field that is creating negative emotions. This affects  not just emotions and mood, but also your physical body, resulting in greater energy and improved health. 

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